Traveller Safety Guide: Travelling Safely and Responsibly in a Covid-19 Environment

This year, the travel landscape has experienced drastic changes due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel was put on pause in many countries across the globe. Borders were closed, trains stopped and planes were grounded. Several months along the line, the world is adjusting to the “new normal”.

Slowly, travel has been opening up again with several countries welcoming foreign visitors. While other countries, such as South Africa, are acting with more caution, only permitting business and leisure travel within the country’s borders.

Travel is being reimagined in the time of Covid-19. Health and safety are at the forefront of travellers’ concerns. Companies, travel managers and passengers need to be assured that travel is taking place as safely, efficiently and as intelligently as possible. Safety protocols need to be scrutinized, updated and adhered to. Importantly, travellers need to be aware of these protocols. Follow our traveller safety guide for what to prepare, what to know and what to be aware of when you travel by airplane, stay in hotels, and make use of rental cars.