Traveller Safety Guide: Tips for Hotel Safety

Hotels have many shared spaces which may seem like potential Covid-19 “hotspots”. This makes intensified cleaning protocols and implementing social distancing incredibly important. Many hotels have stepped up to the challenge and have implemented updated health and safety measures.

When booking, ensure your hotel has updated safety policies. When you arrive, make sure you can see evidence of these; including several hand-sanitizer dispensers, enforced social distancing and signs that the cleaning is up to standard.

To be extra safe, if possible, you can request a room that no one has stayed in for a day or two. In your room, you can wipe down any common “touch areas” such as light switches, TV remotes and door handles with sanitizing wipes.

In shared areas such as dining rooms, bars and pools, be conscious of your proximity to others, practice good hygiene and wear a mask where appropriate.